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December Dana Water Blog 2016-01-07

Happy New Year!

Dana Water Systems is excited for a new year and are ready to keep business rolling along. We definitely finished the year of 2015 strong with a great month in December.

November Dana Water Blog 2015-12-07

November definitely kept us busy at Dana Water Systems. We were able to meet and work with a lot of new people this month. Staying so busy the month, the month passed by very quickly. What they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun!

October Dana Water Blog 2015-10-07

October was a great month for Dana Water Systems. Our customers definitely kept us busy, giving us plenty of opportunities to install new systems all over the valley. We appreciate the support and are grateful for our customers who continue to spread the word about the high quality water softeners, whole house systems, and RO systems sold by Dana Water Systems.

September Dana Water Blog 2015-10-02

September was another spectacular month for us at Dana Water Systems. We have been privileged to meet with many new customers who have joined the Dana Water Systems family as they have sought our help in equipping their homes with our water softeners and RO Systems. A special thanks to our customers that have been with us for many years as well as those who we have just met. We look forward to working with you in the coming years.

August Dana Water Blog 2015-08-01

It’s been another good month for us here at Dana Water Systems. Word is spreading about the high quality services and products we offer and we are getting calls from new customers every week. We are pleased to see how the company is growing and we owe our success to our loyal customers; thank you all!

July Dana Water Blog 2015-07-01

July was another strong month for business here at Dana Water Systems. We have been pleased to meet new customers and provide the best service possible in equipping their homes and businesses with Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis systems.

June Dana Water Blog 2015-06-01

We weren’t sure what to expect as summer was approaching. However, we are proud to say that we’ve beat the heat. Business hasn’t slowed down for a second and we continue to grow steadily. We thank all of our loyal customers for spreading the word about the quality in customer service and products offered here at Dana Water Systems.

May Dana Water Blog 2015-05-14

We are beginning to see second round customers almost every week. When we started twenty-five years ago, water conditioning was a new concept. Whenever we saw an opportunity to improve our water systems, we took advantage. Soon, we were installing water systems made to last fifteen to twenty years. Just this morning we pulled out a 5600 that was over 15 years old. The customer upgraded to the Dana 9000 for the next fifteen to twenty years. Without our loyal customers, we would not be here today. We strive every day to meet the water needs of our customers. 

April Dana Water Blog 2015-04-21

Almost all city water is highly chlorinated. The chlorine helps fight the harmful bacteria from entering the water supply. Unfortunately when you ingest chlorine it will act like an antibiotic in the stomach and digestive system. Antibiotics in the right setting can be life savers but used everyday they can become very harmful.

Busy Month for Dana Water 2015-03-04

We have had a great month here at Dana Water. We have been busy filling the orders that have come in from the Brimhall seminar last month. We customize every system to meet the needs of each customer. Those from out of state require extra planning to make sure we address the specific needs of that part of the country