Dana Water Systems

August Dana Water Blog

It’s been another good month for us here at Dana Water Systems. Word is spreading about the high quality services and products we offer and we are getting calls from new customers every week. We are pleased to see how the company is growing and we owe our success to our loyal customers; thank you all!

Empire Southwest Machine Company is currently constructing a new Parts building. We had the privilege of installing a Dana 6 RO system in this new building. A few weeks after this installation, we returned to Empire to connect a previously-installed commercial RO system to one of Empire’s industrial parts washers.

As stated in previous blog posts, we have been working at the new Gateway Marriot hotel for some time. We are pleased to announce that we have completed our work! This month we made sure to do our part in preparing the Gateway Marriot for those who will be staying at this fine hotel. The Gateway Marriot is officially equipped with a Dana 3900 Commercial Water Softener. 

Another business we have had the opportunity to work with is Dever Chiropractic. James Dever, a young chiropractor here in mesa is a man who cares about his clients. Not only does he provide top-notch chiropractic care for his patients, he also wants to provide them with the best drinking water available. This month we installed a new Dana 6 Hydro RO system in Dr. Dever’s office on Lindsay and Brown. Thanks Dever Chiropractic, we wish you the best!

On top of working with local businesses, we have spent plenty of time in the homes of our loyal customers. This month in particular we have done a great number of rebuilds on water softeners. For those of you who don’t know, we are more than willing to come straight to your home to replace your water softener or rebuild it on site if needed. We have also changed a seemingly endless number of RO filters in our customer’s homes. We are more than happy to provide these services and make sure our customers are getting the best quality water their Reverse Osmosis systems can provide.

We look forward to another busy month in September and are excited to meet new customers and provide them with the best quality in products and services. Once again we thank everyone who continues to spread the word about Dana Water Systems.