Water Softening Systems

Many benefits come from using a water softener. They include:

  • Virtually no water spotting
  • Using 70% less soap (offsetting the cost of salt)
  • Longer lasting clothes

We are proud to have one of the finest water softening systems available in the market today.

Dana 5600 Soft Water System

Immerse yourself in the luxury of soft water. The 5600 series is a quality product that is virtually customizable. With a vast array of grain count, there is a system here for you.

Dana 5600 Soft Water SystemStandard Features

  • Stainless steel jacket
  • Brass bypass
  • Heavy duty brine tank
  • Standard clock (not digital)
  • Metered system
  • Uses less salt
  • Softens down to one grain of hardness


  • 32000 grain
  • 40000 grain
  • 48000 grain
  • 64000 grain
  • Hose bib (for washing cars)
  • Space saver (ask for details)

Dana 9000 Soft Water System

Tired of spotty water build up? This amazing unit eliminates hard water. Wouldn't it be great to increase the lifetime of your appliances and to never to have to apologize for spotty glasses ever again

Dana 9000 Soft Water SystemDana 9000 Soft Water System is the top-of-the-line in soft water systems, producing the softest water possible. The twin tank design makes this system stand apart from others; the two tanks work together so that the system doesn’t lose pressure during regeneration. With no clock to keep track of, all you have to do is add salt. We make it easy for you to take the "hardness" out of your life!


  • No clock to keep track of
  • Metered system
  • Twin tank for no pressure loss
  • Uses half the sodium chloride