Dana Water Systems Blog

Thank You 2019-08-20

Hello everyone! It has been a great summer and we have been grateful to be so busy. A big thanks to everyone for allowing us to bring our water systems to your homes, construction projects, and businesses. We couldn’t keep doing what we love without you.

April Dana Water Blog 2019-05-03

Hello everyone! April was another amazing month for us, and we hope it has been great for you too. We are excited to welcome a new member to the Dana Water Systems crew, Jason Hall. Jason has been with us since March and makes a great addition to Dana Water Systems. He looks forward to meeting all of you!

February Dana Water Blog 2019-03-12

Hello everyone! It has been an awesome month! We have been staying very busy, and we are loving it. We have always had a great relationship with Blandford Homes. They have given us the opportunity to work with them for many years now.

January Blog 2019-01-25

Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe we are already in 2019. We are excited to be in a new year and can’t wait to see what this year holds. Only one month in and we have already had some exciting jobs to be a part of.

Thanks! 2019-01-05

We can’t believe how quickly this year has passed. We have had so many opportunities to meet new people and bring our amazing water treatment products to your homes and businesses. The theme for this month’s blog post is short and simple: Thanks!

Happy November 2018-12-03

Happy November everyone! This month has absolutely flown by. We hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and that all travels have been safe for you and your loved ones. We are excited to have this amazing weather over the next few months and are ready for the holiday season to continue.

October Dana Water Blog 2018-10-31

Hello everyone! We have had another exciting month. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, we are always looking to refine our products and provide the very best service and products possible. 

September Dana Water Blog 2018-10-01

Hello everyone! It has been another great month for us at Dana Water Systems. We appreciate all of our amazing customers, both commercial and residential.

July Dana Water Blog 2018-08-16

This month has kept us on our toes with lots of heat and lots of rain. There have been plenty of storms here in the valley. We are glad to have the rain, but we hope everyone has stayed safe!

June Dana Water Blog 2018-07-09

Hello everyone! We’d like to start off by wishing everyone a happy 4th of July! It has been a great summer so far. The temperatures are high, and business is booming. We hope everyone is doing their best to keep cool and stay hydrated!