Dana Water Systems Blog

June Dana Water Blog 2021-07-09

Hey everyone! We hope that you guys have been staying hydrated during this blistering summer heat. This past month we have been installing lots of purified drinking systems for our customers.

May Dana Water Blog 2021-06-07

Hey guys! It’s nice to be here on the blog again. We hope all is going well for you guys. The month of May has been a busy one. We have installed a couple of 9100 Whole House Systems. Our customers wanted them because not only do they remove the infamous Arizona hardness, but they also filter the water as well.

April Dana Water Blog 2021-04-07

Hello everyone! The weather is warming up so make sure you stay cool and drink plenty of water. And what better way to stay hydrated than to have one of our great tasting, reverse osmosis systems? Our systems’ parts are built in the USA and put together to our high standards. Homeowners appreciate that our systems keep them and their guests with accessible and affordable hydration daily. 

March Dana Water Blog 2021-03-12

Hey guys! We hope you all find yourselves well and safe through the pandemic. Homeowners have been responding very positively to the taste of our reverse osmosis systems, and our repeat customers have enjoyed the long life of their systems.

January 2021 Dana Water Blog 2021-01-19

We hope you all stayed healthy and safe during the holidays. Apart from COVID-19, we have heard of some nasty stomach viruses run through the valley and it is important that we stay hydrated. Our Dana 7 Hydro RO system not only purifies water, but it also raises the PH, and puts back trace minerals so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients.

December 2020 Dana Water Blog 2020-12-23

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We hope you enjoy your time around friends and family. We are excited for this holiday season and the feelings of gratitude it brings.

October 2020 Dana Water Blog 2020-11-03

Hello everyone! Quite a bit has happened here since our last post! We have a new addition to the team, and his name is Michael. We are really excited to have him with us. We love getting good people who surround us and help our customers enjoy quality water. Jason has trained Michael well, and we'd like to congratulate him on his upcoming marriage!

September 2020 Dana Water Blog 2020-09-02

Hello everyone! We hope that you all are staying safe from the virus and from the heat! This summer sure has been a warm one. We have some news for you all. Our technician Jason is going to be moving on from the water business and will no longer be with us and we wish him the very best. We will keep you updated with who joins our team next!

July 2020 Dana Water Blog 2020-08-07

Hello again everyone! We wanted to start off by saying we hope you are all staying healthy and safe. We are still wearing masks and staying clean while we work! We know it is still hard and challenging times for everyone right now. So, we thank you for staying engaged with us! Especially in this brutal Arizona summer heat.

May Dana Water Blog 2020-05-20

Hello, our valued customers! First, we want to express our concern for all those affected by the COVID-19. These are hard times for everyone, and we are working with everyone so we can stay safe and healthy while still accomplishing installs on people’s homes. We want to assure everyone we are taking precautions by wearing the proper protection such as gloves and a mask while we enter into homes and install these necessary additions to the homes.