Dana Water Systems Blog

April Dana Water Blog 2022-05-18

We hope you guys all enjoyed Easter and time with family! We continue to stay busy. We are constantly emptying and filling our inventory! Our systems are made here in the U.S.A. They are heavy-duty units built to last!

March Dana Water Blog 2022-04-07

Another good month has gone by. We are grateful to be in business and to have wonderful customers such as yourselves! Our 9100 Whole House System and Dana 7 Hydro reverse osmosis system have been popular.

February Dana Water Blog 2022-03-09

Another good month has gone by! We appreciate you guys and your support. Our top of the line products, the Dana 7 Hydro and the 9100 Whole House System, have been very popular.

January Dana Water Blog 2022-02-01

Boy, did this month go by quickly! We have seen both returning and new customers this month. Our customers care about their homes, appliances, water, and plumbing, so they invest in them!

December Dana Water Blog 2022-01-14

What a great month! We are extremely grateful for our customers who have been so loyal to us and also our new ones. We hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas and new year.

October Dana Water Blog 2021-11-02

We hope you guys all enjoyed Halloween and the cooler weather! This past month was another good month for us and our customers. We installed many 9100 Whole House Systems throughout the valley.

September Dana Water Blog 2021-10-05

Happy October, everyone! Last month was a great one. It fills us with pride and gratitude to have repeat customers that refer us to their friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

August Dana Water Blog 2021-09-06

Hello, guys! We hope you all have been staying hydrated and safe. This month has been a busy one. The 9100 whole house system has been a customer favorite.

July Dana Water Blog 2021-08-04

Hey guys! We hope you guys have had a good summer so far! This month our customers have been all over the 9100 whole house systems.

June Dana Water Blog 2021-07-09

Hey everyone! We hope that you guys have been staying hydrated during this blistering summer heat. This past month we have been installing lots of purified drinking systems for our customers.