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May Dana Water Blog

Hello, everyone! We are excited to announce our newest member of the Dana Water family, Jace Allen! He has begun his training already, and we are happy to have him with us. Michael is moving out to St. George, and we wish him the best! This month we have continued to install many softeners and reverse osmosis systems. The 9100 Whole House System and the Dana 7 Hydro have been customer favorites. The 9100 softens the water and filters it by removing undesirable substances such as chlorine. The system is a huge benefit to your household appliances, clothes, plumbing, and even to your health. The Dana 7 Hyrdo is the top of the line reverse osmosis system. It purifies the water and adds trace minerals back in which raises the PH so that the water is alkaline. The water is easier to absorb and delicious! In addition, we can adjust the taste of the water to match your preferred bottled water. Thank you all for your friendship and business. Have a great summer, and stay hydrated!