Dana Water Systems

March Dana Water Blog

Another good month has gone by. We are grateful to be in business and to have wonderful customers such as yourselves! Our 9100 Whole House System and Dana 7 Hydro reverse osmosis system have been popular. They are both American made, heavy duty, and high quality units. The 9100 softens and filters this Arizona water, taking out hardness and unwanted substances such as chlorine. With all the benefits it offers to appliances, skin, clothes, and plumbing, it is really a necessity for homeowners. Like the 9100, the Dana 7 Hydro is pretty much a necessity as well. Homeowners find it a must have because they have easy access to clean, healthy, and pure water. They don’t need expensive subscriptions to drinking water or the need to buy bottled water anymore. The Dana 7 Hydro is unique to us. It purifies the water and adds trace minerals which raises the PH to make it alkaline. In addition, we have an exclusive mixture valve on it that allows us to adjust the water to match the taste of a bottled water of your preference! Thanks for your time guys, and thank you for sticking with us. We appreciate you all!