Dana Water Systems

February Dana Water Blog

Another good month has gone by! We appreciate you guys and your support. Our top of the line products, the Dana 7 Hydro and the 9100 Whole House System, have been very popular. All of our units are made with the best of the best, but these are even more special. The Dana 7 Hydro purifies the water and raises the PH by adding trace minerals to obtain alkaline water. It’s very sought after because it’s one of a kind. On the system, we can adjust the taste to match your preferred water of choice! Likewise, The 9100 Whole House System is a durable system that softens this Arizona hard water and filters chlorine and other harsh substances. Our customers find them a necessity to protect their skin, faucets, plumbing, clothes, and household appliances. We even went to Prescott this month to install a reverse osmosis for a new build, so although we are located in Mesa, we are willing to go the distance to take care of you and your home! Enjoy this month! We look forward to seeing you guys!