Dana Water Systems

January Dana Water Blog

Boy, did this month go by quickly! We have seen both returning and new customers this month. Our customers care about their homes, appliances, water, and plumbing, so they invest in them! One of our customers, who has been with us for many years, just built a new house. He and his wife had us put in a 9100 Whole House System for the house and a 5600 Soft Water System for the guest house. In addition, they had us install a Dana 7 Hydro Reverse Osmosis System. These systems are excellent. Built in the USA with heavy casings, quality lines, fittings, and parts... they are built to last! The 9100 Whole House System is a mechanical dual tank system. It will soften and filter water (removing hardness and harsh materials such as chlorine). The Dana 7 Hydro is a drinking system rated ten out of ten. It purifies the water through top-of-the-line stages and puts trace minerals back into the water, which raises the pH and makes it alkaline water! Not only does the Dana 7 Hydro result in healthy water, but it can also be adjusted to your taste preference. For example, if you want water similar to a bottled brand, we can adjust our system to match it. We are excited for this year, and we look forward to seeing and talking to you guys. Have a great February, and stay hydrated!