Dana Water Systems

December Dana Water Blog

What a great month! We are extremely grateful for our customers who have been so loyal to us and also our new ones. We hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas and new year. December was a busy one for us. It was hard to keep our systems from flying out the door! Homeowners have been buying our 9100 Whole House System and our Dana 7 Hydro Reverse Osmosis System. They are top of the line products. Made in the United States with heavy duty parts and housings. The 9100 tackles this Arizona hard water by softening it and filters the water by removing harsh materials such as chlorine and other harmful impurities. An essential product to protect your plumbing, clothes, hair, skin, and appliances. Like the 9100, The Dana 7 Hydro is also top quality. It not only purifies water for drinking, it adds minerals to raise the PH for alkaline water. It also, can be adjusted to taste like your preferred choice of water (Fiji etc.). We hope you guys enjoy the rest of this month and look forward to seeing you soon!