Dana Water Systems

October Dana Water Blog

We hope you guys all enjoyed Halloween and the cooler weather! This past month was another good month for us and our customers. We installed many 9100 Whole House Systems throughout the valley. One specifically, was in a beautiful home up in Scottsdale. The homeowner wanted a system that would soften and filter the water (to remove chlorine and other harsh materials). We build our units here in the USA and they are extremely durable. They are an essential investment to homes here in Arizona. With the longer life they offer to water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, clothes, faucets, and pipes. And, not to mention, the benefits they offer your hair and skin! They really are a necessity. We know the weather is cooling down, but still stay hydrated! We build our Dana 7 Hydro and Dana 6 Reverse Osmosis Systems to last and to provide quality drinking water. The difference between the two systems is that the Dana 7 Hydro raises PH and adds minerals. And you can tune it to taste similar to your preferred bottled water. Thank you guys so much for being our customers. We appreciate you all! Have a great time with family and friends this month! Happy Thanksgiving!