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September Dana Water Blog

Happy October, everyone! Last month was a great one. It fills us with pride and gratitude to have repeat customers that refer us to their friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Our 9100 Whole House System was referred to two other families this past month by one family. We give our best to our customers with our service and our product. What makes the 9100 special is it’s durability and quality. It softens water and filters out chlorine and other harmful substances. Keeping your family and home safer. All of our units are United States of America made and built to last. Our Dana 7 Hydro is our top of the line reverse osmosis system. It purifies the water, raises PH to make the water alkaline, and puts back trace minerals. In addition, we can adjust the taste of the water to be similar to your preferred brand of water. Happy Halloween, and take care! Thank you for being our customers!

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