Dana Water Systems

October Dana Water Blog

Hello everyone! We have had another exciting month. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, we are always looking to refine our products and provide the very best service and products possible. 

We have made some updates to our Dana 6 Hydro and it is now the Dana 7 Hydro. We replaced the calcite filter on top of the system with a three-stage filter that we custom made. We use this design to raise the pH of the water in stages, giving it a more precise pH, and its last stage is a carbon filter that hones the taste better. This system has been built and is officially in production. 

We are so proud of our amazing customers. This past month, one of our customers drove from Los Angeles to our shop in Mesa, Arizona to pick up a new Dana 5600 soft water system to replace our old one. It gives us pride to see that people are willing to go to such great lengths (literally) to continue to use our products. Thanks again to everyone! Happy Halloween!