Dana Water Systems

September Dana Water Blog

Hello everyone! It has been another great month for us at Dana Water Systems. We appreciate all of our amazing customers, both commercial and residential. We love having the opportunity to adapt to challenges or changes presented to us on every job as we seek to grow and improve in any way we can.

This past month we have had the chance to go back to Sunshine Acres Children’s Home where we have had the pleasure to work in the past. Sunshine Acres is a foundation that provides homes, loving parental figures, as well as social, physical, and educational support to children who have separated from their parents. Recently, Alex and Gail installed a commercial RO system in the community’s greenhouse. Thank you, Sunshine Acres, for the work you do and the amazing services you provide to those in need. We are grateful to work alongside you in helping provide a healthy environment for these kids. 

As the year approaches its final months, we look back with gratitude for the year we have had, and look forward to finishing the year strong over these next few months.