Dana Water Systems

May Dana Water Blog

Hello Everyone! April was another excellent month. This year has been our busiest ever and we are loving the ride. Thanks to everyone for keeping us busy and growing. This month we’d like to take some time to highlight our Dana Water Systems team!

Alex is our main man out in the field. He’s the guy you see installing and servicing our systems and he’s awesome at what he does. Exciting news for this month: his wife is having a baby towards the end of the month! Big congrats to Alex and his family. 

Natalie is our rock star stay-at-home mom that keeps the business rolling. She is in charge of bookkeeping for Dana Water Systems and we couldn’t do any of this without her.

Kendall takes care of our website and social media. He is currently living in Utah and is studying Construction Management at UVU. He will be moving back to Arizona when he graduates to join the construction industry down here. 

We have a solid crew, not to mention all of our distributors and builders that keep us running as well! 

As it is summer, we just want to remind everyone how great it is to have the right water system! We take pride in having some of the best water softeners and RO systems on the market. In a time of year when it is so important to stay hydrated, everyone should have drinking water that will keep them happy and healthy. Our Dana 6 Hydro Drinking Water System completely purifies your drinking water, raises the pH, and allows for filtered minerals to be added back into the water and adjust the taste to your liking. 

Having a good water softener is also a home essential, especially in the desert where our water is extremely hard. Our Dana 5600 Water Softener is built with commercial equipment and is made to last. Our Dana 9000 Whole House System softens the water equally, and it also filters the water to provide the whole home with drinkable water.

We love what we do; thanks again to everyone for keeping us in the game!