Dana Water Systems

July Dana Water Blog

This month has kept us on our toes with lots of heat and lots of rain. There have been plenty of storms here in the valley. We are glad to have the rain, but we hope everyone has stayed safe! 

At Dana Water Systems, we are always looking for ways to refine our systems. You can see one of our latest innovations in some changes made to the Dana 6 Hydro drinking water system. It is now the Dana 7 Hydro drinking water system. We replaced the calcite filter on top of the system with a three-stage filter that we custom made. We use this design to raise the pH of the water in stages, and its last stage is a carbon filter that hones the taste better. 

If you or anyone you know has questions about their current water system (or the lack thereof), give us a call! We are offering free water testing to know what system works best for your home or business. We are always looking to share our knowledge and products with our awesome customers.