Dana Water Systems

June Dana Water Blog

Hello everyone! We’d like to start off by wishing everyone a happy 4th of July! It has been a great summer so far. The temperatures are high, and business is booming. We hope everyone is doing their best to keep cool and stay hydrated!

This past week, Gail has been out in Corona del Mar, California picking up some work for Dana Water Systems. We are working with Brad Homer of Flower Streets Development LLC, as well as Tom Brennan Plumbing. Brad Homer is developing several condos over there, and we have the chance to contribute some of our water systems. Tom Brennan Plumbing will be installing Dana 6 Hydro drinking water systems and Dana 9100 Whole House systems. 

As we highlighted the Dana 6 Hydro on a previous blog, we will take a moment to talk about our whole house system. Our Dana 9100 Whole House system softens the water and it also delivers clean drinkable water throughout the whole house. We uniquely formulate the filtration/softening media, and it can work with any water in any home.

Thanks again for keeping us going! Stay hydrated and have a great summer!