Dana Water Systems

Busy Month for Dana Water

We have had a great month here at Dana Water. We have been busy filling the orders that have come in from the Brimhall seminar last month. We customize every system to meet the needs of each customer. Those from out of state require extra planning to make sure we address the specific needs of that part of the country. There were a number of chiropractors at the seminar that come from farm country in the Midwest where the runoff from the pesticides used in farming make it into the ground water. One doctor tested his well water, and it had forty times the safe amount of arsenic. That doctor was interested in a whole house system to remove those harmful chemicals. 

One customer from Tennessee sent us the results from getting her water tested. The water was much different from here in Arizona. The water here in the Phoenix valley has many minerals that raise the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to around six hundred. These dissolved solids give tap water its distinct taste. Reverse osmosis systems can remove most of these solids, but sometimes they remove too much. For this customer, we recommended a high pH system. The high pH system will add back in a healthy amount of solids to raise the pH back up to an alkaline level. 

In addition to the many residential homes that we serve, we also work with commercial builders. Just last week, we did two bids for new hotels. One bid was for a Marriott in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, and the other was for a hotel next to the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. Hotels benefit from the Dana 3900 commercial system in many ways including the bathroom fixtures lasting longer and even the softness of the sheets. 

We have been looking for dealers around the country. A couple of weeks ago, we flew to San Diego looking for potential dealers for our products. Finding the perfect combination of products has taken us over thirty years to develop. Now we are trying to help other businesses around the country offer the Dana Water Systems line up. We currently have dealers in Salt Lake City and the White Mountain area of Arizona.  

After a long day of installing systems and servicing older water systems, we like to relax by riding mountain bikes. There are some amazing riding trails just north of our shop around Red Mountain Ranch and Las Sendas communities. We are not the best mountain bikers, but it sure is a great way to exercise and work off the Mattas Mexican food we had for lunch.