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April Dana Water Blog

Almost all city water is highly chlorinated. The chlorine helps fight the harmful bacteria from entering the water supply. Unfortunately when you ingest chlorine it will act like an antibiotic in the stomach and digestive system. Antibiotics in the right setting can be life savers but used everyday they can become very harmful. The digestive system relies on a delicate balance of bacteria and fungi to help process our food. Chlorine can disrupt the balance of bacteria and fungi causing health problems. Removing the chlorine from the water we drink and shower with is so important we have developed a new product. The Dana 1000 is an in-line filtration system that removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other particles from the water. This system can be installed with basic tools into any shower or under any sink. This system is perfect for people that are renting an apartment or home and cannot install a permanent whole house system. The best part about this system is it’s affordable and portable. When you need to move you can take it with you, or take it with you on vacation and hook it up to the shower wherever you go.

We are also working on adding a bit of nature back to the reverse osmosis systems. Water, as it travels through rivers and streams, is stimulated by the rocks as it flows down stream. When water sits groups of water molecules can clump together. These clumps can become so large that once in our bodies they are too large to be used. The natural flow of water over rocks in a stream breaks up these groups or clusters of water, which is called natural restructuring. City canals, reservoirs, and holding tanks cause water to clump together. We have added an option to reverse osmosis systems for customers who have an interest in restructuring their water. The benefits are increased ability to absorb the water you are drinking. 

This is a great product because it can be added to any system new or old. We have had a great month here at Dana Water Systems. We are honored to serve our customers. Without you we would not be here. We strive to improve our products to better meet you water needs. Thank you!