Dana Water Systems

June Dana Water Blog

We weren’t sure what to expect as summer was approaching. However, we are proud to say that we’ve beat the heat. Business hasn’t slowed down for a second and we continue to grow steadily. We thank all of our loyal customers for spreading the word about the quality in customer service and products offered here at Dana Water Systems.

At Dana Water Systems, we value all of our customers and distributors. We would like to give a special shout out to Rush Plumbing, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although we teamed up with them only a year ago as one of our distributors here in the southwest, Rush Plumbing has offered quality-plumbing service to customers in the Salt Lake, Utah County, and Park City areas for years. Momentum is picking up and business is rolling in. Thank you Rush Plumbing; we anticipate many years of success in this partnership.

Along with working with our distributors, a major highlight for the month of June has been our sales. More people are learning about the quality of Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis systems offered here at Dana Water Systems. While we had great sales in all of our fine products, the two major sellers were the Dana 5600 Soft Water System and the Dana 6 RO system. The Dana 5600 Soft Water System provides a lifetime of soft water. This means cleaner pipes, faucets, dishes, and even laundry. The Dana 6 RO system takes your water “to the next level”, by purifying the water in your home, allowing customers to drink cleaner, healthier water.

We have been pleased to see that the new Dana 6 Hydro RO System has really taken off. This proprietary Dana Water system provides customers with the highest quality of drinking water in the home. What makes this system so special is that it provides high Ph (alkaline) water. The “crowning jewel” on the Dana 6 Hydro RO System is a splitter valve that allows minerals into the water. With an extra filter tank, this system also has the ability to restructure the water. When water is filtered, the molecules usually join together in mass clumps. So, when this tank restructures the water, it literally separates the clumped-up molecules, allowing for better hydration for plants and people alike.