Dana Water Systems

July Dana Water Blog

July was another strong month for business here at Dana Water Systems. We have been pleased to meet new customers and provide the best service possible in equipping their homes and businesses with Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis systems.

Earlier this month we had the privilege of working at the new Gateway Marriot Hotel in Mesa, Arizona. Believe it or not, the top expense in the hotel business is linens, which is increased exponentially when hard water is used to clean the linens. So, we were more than happy to help the Gateway Marriot hotel by installing our Dana 3900 Soft Water System, designed specifically for commercial use.

We also had the opportunity to do business with Empire Southwest. Empire Southwest is a family owned dealership for Eastern Oregon Caterpillar, “CAT” industrial machinery. We installed a Dana 9000 Whole House System in the Transmission room at their headquarters here in Mesa, Arizona.

All in all, we have sold, installed, and maintained a great number of our products, including Dana 9000 Whole House Systems, Dana 5600 Soft Water Systems, Dana 6 Reverse Osmosis systems, and the new Dana 6 Hydro Reverse Osmosis System. What sets the Dana 9000 Whole House system apart from the rest is that not only does it provide soft water; it also has a special filter system, making all water in the home drinkable.

We are constantly seeking ways to provide more people with quality water systems. We are still searching for a dealer in the San Diego area. We have been on the lookout for some time but have not had any luck so far. We will continue the search until we find a good fit to help more homes have access to the quality products sold here at Dana Water Systems. If anyone knows someone in the San Diego area interested in being a dealer for our top-notch Dana Water System products, please contact us. Refer to “Dealers” tab on website and give us a call at (480) 396.4778.